We made it!

All team members of SGame Pro have been very excited to prepare the big dates, starting from September 12. At the same time, we have worked very hard on program development and partnering with global publishers.
“Oh my God”, our CEO – Gip recently screamed as he walked into the office to ask us to hurry to the meeting room.

Once there, he continued with excitement “Are you ready to cheer? Thanks to great support and trust of future SGamers, we reached the hard cap without going through the Public ICO! From now on, we must accelerate product development!”

And, here we go. We are glad to anticipate some key dates and events:
– October 15: Brand new website sgamepro.com will be launched.
– October 27: Beta program will start and seats for beta testing will be limited.
– November: SGM tokens will be listed on NexEx with exclusive rewards for SGamers.

Stay tuned for events details and upcoming news about SGame Pro’s evolution!