A Strong Foundation for a Robust Platform — Meet the Sgame Pro Team

Behind every awesome project is an awesome team, right? Well, that’s the assumption but with innovative new ideas cropping up daily, it’s crucial to show just how ‘cool’ your crew really is! This is particularly important within the blockchain and ICO world where investors not only want to see a well-written whitepaper and a professional website, but want to check out the credentials of prominent people working behind the scenes.
Investors need to see a team that is skilled and experienced enough to create a business model and a product that is robust and reliable. And it’s just such a qualified team that is at the heart of the Sgame Pro™ platform. As Sgame Pro™ inches closer to its ICO, let’s find out more about those who have worked hard for over two years to bring a meaningful change to mobile gaming.

Gip Cutrino — Founder and CEO

As the Founder and CEO of the innovative Sgame Pro™ — a standout platform with the blockchain potential to blow the minds of even the best gamers — all eyes are on Gip Cutrino. But do his skills cut the mustard in what’s a highly competitive industry? Of course!
Having been passionately involved in the mobile gaming sector for the past eight years, Gipis essentially a rock star within his field and has lent his expertise as a consultant to leading game enterprises like Gameloft. Following the completion of a Masters in Management, Gip went on to make a name for himself in the media and entertainment sector, from where he pursued his love for gaming.
After a thorough analysis of the revenues generated in the mobile gaming sector, he came up with an idea of a blockchain-based gaming platform that would work to overcome the current challenges facing this industry, while helping to consolidate a still fragmented sector. Gip is an expert team leader and a creative marketer, lending his capabilities to an amazing project.

Nicola Rizzo — Co-Founder and CFO

Working alongside Gip, Nicola Rizzo is the Co-Founder and CFO of Sgame Pro which means that as well as also having the foresight to pursue such a groundbreaking idea — he’s also pretty good with numbers. Phew.
With a career spanning more than 25 years, Nicolais a law graduate from Italy. Owner of Favella Group for the past 12 years, Nicola has financed the Sgame Pro™ project right from the start. He combines his decades of experience as a serial entrepreneur with management expertise to provide strong support to the team.

Luca Carrozza — MD Ops

With a career spanning almost 25 years, Lucacalls himself a “methodology anarchist” and “pragmatic thinker and doer,” who hates to “live with broken windows.” He has spent more than a decade managing digital operations A creative and pro-active problem solver, recognized for business acumen, vision and adaptability a certified tech veteran, Luca has all the skills required to develop a sound platform for the benefit of its users.

Dragan Bozic — MD Marketing

Sgame Pro™ is super funky; it combines gaming with the crypto mining concept where players can earn rewards for time spent on the platform. The concept is so crazily awesome that it needs a highly-skilled marketing expert to lead the way — and that’s exactly what Dragan Bozic is doing.
This crypto enthusiast has plenty of experience in data management platforms, broadcasting, digital marketing, business intelligence and analysis, to name just a few. He lends his creativity and analytical thinking to Sgame Pro™, helping to create a culture of change and innovation within the organisation.

Francesco Ongaro — CTO

When you’re the CTO of an innovative tech-led company that’s offering something new and exciting to the gaming industry, you’ve got to be good.
An Italian security expert and hacker with 17 years of experience, Francesco specialises in network and web application penetration tests. He has performed hundreds of technical activities over the past several years in the field of finance, banking, insurance and media. He has a wide range of defensive technical specialties and engineering and management skills. His research and advisories have previously been published on USH. Francesco prides himself on his engineering and management skills, which include risk analysis, security engineering, security manager, project management, cyber security, security process and more.
The Sgame Pro™ team together has built a robust game aggregator platform, such that every participant in the gaming industry, from players to publishers and merchants to influencers can benefit from the blockchain ecosystem.

If you want to know more about the Sgame Pro™ ICO as well as the masterminds behind this project, visit sgamepro.io and follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.