NYC May 17, 2018

NYC - May 17-18

Token Summit III New York is the 3rd event in the Token Summit series, the first conference that explored in-depth the Token-Based Economy, an exclusive, intellectually-driven gathering, grouping the best minds in this space. The theme of the event was the emerging token-based economy. The discussions were based on the economics, best practices and regulatory climate involving tokens and cryptocurrencies. It was a great event for thought leadership on the design of token-based economies and their successes in creating real value for users.
The event is known as the ‘Insiders Summit’ where real breakthroughs for blockchain innovation are established by a roster of experts in their respective fields. William Mougayar who is Managing Partner at newly formed JM3 Capital, a Swiss-based venture capital fund said, “It is imperative for investors, finance professionals, lawyers, fund managers, business executives, regulators, and entrepreneurs to be involved in the token-based economy, as innovation and new business models are changing the traditional world of finance, startups, and venture capital. The Token Summit prides itself on delivering a carefully curated program aiming to share real insights while covering the latest developments in blockchain-based tokens, protocols, applications, and cryptoassets.”