The Sgame Pro™ Ecosystem Benefits Both Players and Publishers — Here’s How

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that blockchain technology (which has so far been associated with crypto trading) is revolutionising the finance sector — but that’s not all. Such disruptive tech has also caught the attention of the online gaming industry and is being used to provide players with a new and improved user experience.
Gaming expert Sgame Pro™ is certainly squeezing the most out of the blockchain concept. The leading mobile game aggregator platform is leveraging blockchain tech to build a unique ecosystem in which both players and publishers can thrive together. That’s right, things are being taken to a whole new level, so if you’re a gaming fanatic, brace yourself for the ‘wow’ factor.

What is in it for Players?

There’s no point incorporating blockchain into a gaming model unless the players benefit right? Well, with the all-new Sgame Pro™ platform players will be able to mine SGM tokens by simply playing their favourite games. Pretty cool, huh? Just like crypto miners are rewarded with crypto coins after they fulfill certain conditions of the smart contracts (proof-of-work) those using the Sgame Pro platform will benefit from the proof-of-play concept. Essentially, rewards will be given in the form of ‘play-blocks’ according to the time and energy invested into gaming on the platform.

Tokens mined can be used across the platform to buy digital and physical goods from the Sgame marketplace. Founder and CEO of Sgame Pro™, Gip Cutrino, said, “We are aiming to become a one-stop shop for players to access their favourite online games. Players will no longer have to use their fiat money to buy digital assets, but can instead use SGM tokens to buy them. This will increase engagement rates.”
According to an article on Howtotoken, traditional gaming models make it difficult or impossible to trade assets; assets which are also useless for other games. Third-party marketplaces also take a good portion from all micro-transactions. With the Sgame Pro™ platform, however, players will be able to exchange their tokens and will also be able to transfer them to their external ERC-compatible wallets, to be stored for later use.

What will the Publishers get?

So, players benefit from blockchain, but what’s in it for the publishers? When it comes to the Sgame Pro™ platform, the first advantage will be the sheer amount of player engagement that will arise as a result of the SGM token utilities. This will naturally bring in more revenue.
Another important feature of the platform is its ability to let players indulge in traditional single-player games in multi-player formats. Through a feature called ‘Challenge’, players will be able to compete with other players for a fixed quantity of SGM tokens. Based on the amount of tokens, publishers will also receive a fee in the form of SGM, which they will be able to exchange in return for promotion of their games.
Sgame Pro™’s strategic partnership with Pewdiepie, the #1 YouTuber in the world, will also give publishers access to his 60-million online followers. This will offer free global online promotion opportunities.

As you can see, the online gaming industry is becoming exceptionally cool and is advancing at a rapid rate, so if you like the sound of what’s on offer head to and follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.